This Is A Movement

Around 14% of the world's population remains undernourished, 11% without access to clean water, and 36% live in extreme poverty. Yeshua inspires us to take action: For every $7 subscription received, $1 will be donated exclusively to Food for the Poor. Once the monthly budget is met, the remaining funds will be used to provide relief for:

The Poor

Provide funding for the poor through charities such as Food for the Poor.

The Abandoned

Provide funding for the unwanted children through reputable, private adoption and fostercare agencies.

The Trafficked

Provide funding for children and victims through charities that seek to prevent and rescue thesee victims from trafficking.

The Persecuted

Provide funding to organizations that rescue, rebuild and restore the lives of persecuted men, women and children without regard for religion or creed.

The Sick

Provide funding for cancer research to advance the cure for all people. We believe in the miracles also discovered through medical research.

Project Windows

We will bring the light of Yeshua's salvation to the inner cities by sponsoring free events that provide food, fun and family counsel through the impact of music.

For Just $7 Per Month

You can help get this movie made.
You can make this movement happen.

Through your monthly subscription, you will be impacting the world and transforming lives for God's Kingdom. Exciting things are in store, and we want you to be part of it!


  • Yeshua movie gets made
  • The poor gets fed
  • Various charities receive funds