In preparation for this movie, hours upon hours of research were invested. When Frank and I first started to embark on this journey, I was invited to a group FaceBook titled "Christian Contradictions....." In here, they presented all the proposed fallacies against the Christian faith. In truth, if the Bible is an inspired book by the Creator of this universe, then it should be able to be plugged in reality without any contradictions. I remember my Christian friends telling me to be careful, or else it might affect my faith. There were times that I would get frustrated, asking God why he made it so hard to verify his word? But, my frustration was not based on the Bible being inaccurate, it was based on trying to plug "theories" of what people think are the explanations for natural phenomenon. I am here to tell you boldly, that there are "no observations that contradict the Bible." We have so much in store for you, and as we grow, we expect to rock the humble servants.....wise as serpents but harmless as doves as our Messiah requires us to be. Check out the video titled "Is Jesus an Historical Figure?" as I begin a series that plugs the Bible into reality.....without any contradictions. I look forward to the Genesis Chapter 1 and 2 series in the near future.